01 Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child (Traditional) 07.39
02 Everybody Help the Boys Come Home (William and Versey Smith) 4.39
03 Spiritual (Johnny Cash/Josh Haden) 04.51
04 Georgia Lee (Tom Waits/Kathleen Brennan) 05.55
05 Everybody Help the Boys Come Home-remix (William and Versey Smith) 02.10
06 Up Above My Head (Alabama 3/Siobhan Parr) 03.24
07 Deep River (Traditional) 07.05
08 Up Above My Head-remix (Alabama 3/Siobhan Parr) 02.33
09 Ring Them Bells (Bob Dylan) 03.36
10 The Mercy Seat (Nick Cave/Mick Harvey) 05.26
11 Picture in a Frame (Tom Waits/Kathleen Brennan) 03:37


Inspired by her many trips to the American Deep South, this music also has deeply personal connotations, going right back to Joanna's childhood and a father who was a lay preacher in an Evangelical church.

After a close musical partnership with Andy Sheppard for many years, this is their first long-awaited duo recording. We hear both the purity of the acoustic duo as well as the subtle use of multi-tracking and samples. The use of the original 1927 recording of William and Versey Smith's song Everybody Help the Boys Come Home creates a fantastic groove - which also inflects the tune with the atmospheric static of early recordings. When this tune re-appears as a remix by a different producer, the gravity of the lyrics is brought home by a far darker treatment with layers of drums, disturbing incoherent vocal samples and dissonant layers of electronics.


Produced by Joanna MacGregor, with co-producers Seb Rochford (drummer, composer and bandleader of Mercury Prize nominees Polar Bear), Matthew Fairclough (sound artist and Joanna's engineer of many years), Will Gregory (Goldfrapp) and Andy Sheppard.

[The Guardian, May 1, 2006]
[The Independent on Sunday, May 7, 2006]
[Time Out, May 11-17, 2006]

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Up Above My Head (Alabama 3/Siobhan Parr)

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