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SoundCircus SC903

Keyboard Sonatas


The re-issue of Joanna MacGregor’s Collins Classics recording of Scarlatti’s virtuoso, tender, wicked sonatas….

…. written to pay off his gambling debts?

K1 in D minor
K9 in D minor
K69 in F minor
K113 in A major
K127 in A flat major
K132 in C major
K133 in C major
K141 in D minor
K144 in G major
K159 in C major
K175 in A minor
K215 in E major
K380 in E major
K430 in D major
K481 in F minor
K492 in D major
K502 in C major
K30 in G minor, (Cat’s Fugue)

Total timing: 75’18”
Recorded St George’s Brandon Hill Bristol, 1991




QuickTime sample 451kb

Excerpt from K113 in A


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